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We use technologies that allow us to time all types of running events in real time. We do however specialise in MASS PARTICIPATION events, meaning we can support events from 50 – 10,000+ people if required. Every runner receives an overall gun time and an individual chip time (matt to matt time). If you choose the android option, this is gun time based. You can choose from the chip types below which have an estimate of volumes.

  • Live Android Timing (1-400 Entrants)
  • Disposable Loop Tag (1-10,000+ Entrants)
  • Chip on Bib (1-10,000+ Entrants)


Cycling has continued to grow over the past 10 years with sportives or MTB enduro type events becoming more available nationally. We provide a cyclist safe timing system for small to MASS PARTICIPATION events. Instead of riding over a potentially wet/slippy mat, we prefer a safer side antenna system. This is safer for the rider and keeps all of the timing equipment away from the traffic and the riders themselves. The system uses a small disposable timing chip that attaches to the side of the helmet for the duration of the event.

  • Helmet Timing Chip (1-10,000+ Entrants)
  • Number Boards with embedded Chip (1-10,000+)


Multi-sport is another area that has continued to grow over the years. These events can often be very complex in the timing requirements, from the event layout to the actual prize breakdowns. Live results are a must so family can monitor how a loved one is doing. We can support all types of multi-sport events and use a robust reusable timing chip that sits on a neoprene ankle strap. We have covered all of the event types below.​

  • Triathlon
  • Duathlon
  • Aquathlon
  • Open water swim


As well as the well known event types above, we also support a number of bespoke events that require a different approach.

This may be one of the ever popular obstacle events or even an ultra run that has some specific requirements mid race.

Contact us with any questions or specific timing requirements as we will potentially be able to support you.