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Timing Hardware

We have access to many systems but have used the Black Box Timing system for over 5 years and have always been very impressed with it. Constant innovation to keep with ever change demand in sporting events means our equipment is always cutting edge.

The Black Box is designed to handle all kinds of events, from small events with 50 participants to major events with more than 50,000 participants.

Multiple Timing Points

Every race is different with varied requirements. If you want a 5K split point, timed hill climb or a safety check in box, we can factor this in. Many of our current events have one or multiple additional timing points throughout the event, giving more information to competitors and supporters.

Commentator Split Points

In addition to the standard split points we also provide commentator systems. These are generally 70-100 meters before the finish line and feed the commentator information on the entrants about to finish. This may be related to charity funds raised, the leaders winning time, the club name or any other information captured by the online entry system.

All of our commentator splits come with free use of our iPad or Android tablets for access to competitor information.

Event Music and PA's

If you decide to go with a commentator split, a PA would make sense as well. This would give your commentator a WiFi microphone and music. We have multiple PA systems from mini portable systems for race briefings to full site multiple speaker systems.

Event Race Clocks

We have either small digital based displays or full-size flip clocks that can be car mounted.

Event Race Arches

Give your start/finish line a bit more presence with one of our inflatable arches. These can be added to any part of the event but do have restrictions in high wind.

Live Online Race Results

We are in an age where almost everyone always has access to their laptop or mobile phone. This means it’s not just the organisers who want immediate results, but the general spectators and finishers too. All of this is expected in real time with positions, splits, gun and chip times and much more. Using 3 & 4G technology we can make sure results are uploaded instantly and can be accessed anywhere.

Ticket Print Outs for Competitors

We can provide a ticket print out system for competitors. This gives every entrant with the information from their day. For example, name, event, position, position in category, position in gender, gun time, net time, and any other information like sponsors etc.

Live Prize Print Outs

As with the live results online, there is always a requirement for results to be printed in hard copy, locally for the prize giving. This is something that needs to be 100% accurate as giving out the wrong prizes is not an option. We make sure the entrant database is cleansed and correct. Using a good entry system can ensure the correct entrant information is captured. Speak to our partners Events Up North if you require online entry.

SMS Services

In some cases, an event is either too large in competitor volume or the venue layout isn’t appropriate for the ticket printer. In these cases, an SMS can be the best option. We can send a text message to every competitor or family member with any information we have captured. This again ties in with the online entry system asking the right questions to gather the required information.